What is aluminum PCB?

Aluminum PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is a type of PCB that uses aluminum as the base material instead of traditional materials like fiberglass or plastic. 1500mm aluminum MCPCB is long size Aluminum PCB for LED tube lighting, we have special equipment to make long size Aluminum PCB with high quality.

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What is aluminum pcb?

Aluminum PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is a type of PCB that uses aluminum as the base material instead of traditional materials like fiberglass or plastic.

The aluminum PCB is designed to provide better heat dissipation compared to other types of PCBs.
The aluminum core acts as a heat sink, which helps in dissipating heat generated by the components mounted on the board.

Thermal conductivity of aluminum pcb

Aluminum PCB thermal conductivity as follow :

1.0 W/m.k
1.5 W/m.k
2.0 W/m.k
3.0 W/m.k
5.0 W/m.k
8.0 W/m.k
10.0 W/m.k
Also, if you LED are suit for direct thermal MCPCB technology,
We could provide 175 W/m.k thermal conductivity.


Capability of aluminum PCB

Metal core PCB Capability
ItemTechnical specification
Board thicknessMaximum (mm)3.05.0
Panel sizeMaximum (mm)600×1170/
Layer countAluminum PCB1-8L10 L
Copper PCB1-8L10 L
Iron PCB1/
ceramics PCB1-2/
Thermal ConductivityAluminum PCB(w/m.k)0.8 to 12
Copper PCB(w/m.k)2.0-378/
ceramics PCB(w/m.k)24
DrillingMinimum drill diameter (mm)1.00.8
2 Layer ALPCB Via0.3/
MaterialChao Shun(CCAF)(China)Yes/
Hua Dian(China)Yes/
Chin Shi(TaiWan)Yes/
ITEQ(Tai Wan)Yes/
Other brand per customerYes/
Final finishingHASL Lead FreeYes/
Immersion SilverYes/
Immersion Tin/YES

Aluminum PCB application

Aluminium PCBs are designed to dissipate heat generated by high-power LEDs,
which helps to increase the lifespan of the LED and improve its performance.
The aluminium base acts as a heat sink, which absorbs and dissipates the heat generated by the LED.

The aluminium PCB board for LED is made by laminating a thin layer of copper onto an aluminium substrate.
The copper layer is then etched to create the circuit pattern.
The aluminium substrate is then coated with a layer of insulation material to protect the circuit from external elements.

Aluminium PCB boards for LED lighting applications are available in various sizes and thicknesses, depending on the specific requirements of the application.
They are also available in single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layered configurations.

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