Thermal Pad Metal core PCBs

As a metal core PCB manufacturer
Andwin have been used in LED and
Power supply industries for more than 10 years!

Andwin provide high quality thermal pad MCPCB for customer, email us now for you PCB quote, email is :

What is thermal pad MCPCB?

LEDs Chip Thermal Pads solder direct to the Aluminum or Copper substrate directly,
No dielectric between LEDs heat out pads and the Metal core. Means,thermal resistance is very small and thermal conductivity could be 235 W/m.k to 395

It is much better than regular MCPCB(1.0 w/m.k)

Stack up of Thermal pad MCPCB

Also, if you LED are suit for direct thermal MCPCB technology,
We could provide 175 W/m.k – 385W/m.k thermal conductivity.

Capability of MCPCB

Metal core PCB Capability
ItemTechnical specification
Board thicknessMaximum (mm)3.05.0
Panel sizeMaximum (mm)600×1170/
Layer countAluminum PCB1-8L10 L
Copper PCB1-8L10 L
Iron PCB1/
ceramics PCB1-2/
Thermal ConductivityAluminum PCB(w/m.k)0.8 to 12
Copper PCB(w/m.k)2.0-378/
ceramics PCB(w/m.k)24
DrillingMinimum drill diameter (mm)1.00.8
2 Layer ALPCB Via0.3/
MaterialChao Shun(CCAF)(China)Yes/
Hua Dian(China)Yes/
Chin Shi(TaiWan)Yes/
ITEQ(Tai Wan)Yes/
Other brand per customerYes/
Final finishingHASL Lead FreeYes/
Immersion SilverYes/
Immersion Tin/YES

Advance of the T-PAD MCPCB

  • Thermal conductivity 235 To 385 W/m.k
  • Power LED junction temperature
  • Longer LED life
  • Most economical direct thermal path solution
  • Direct thermal path
  • No design change require

Application of  Thermal Pad MCPCB

Which LEDs are suitable for Direct thermal path MCPCB?

Follow is the list,please enquiry for other.

  • Cree XP-G/E/C/G2
  • Cree XML/XML2
  • Cree MTG/MTG2
  • Cree MK-R
  • Cree XTE
  • Cree XBD
  • Bridgelux SM4
  • Luxeon Rebel
  • Luxeon M
  • Luxeon-T
  • LEDEngin LZC/LZP
  • Nichia N219A/N219B
  • Seoul Z5P/Z5M
  • Osram Oslon SSL
  • Samsung 3535
  • LG Innotek 3535

Custom Direct Thermal Path MCPCB as Your PCB Layout

About Andwin MCPCB

Andwin Ciurcuits MCPCB davision  set up on Feb. 2006.
Focus on  providing metal core PCB for customer
In LED field and power supply field.
We can meet all your MCPCB manufacturing needs,
From single-sided Aluminum to 
complex multilayered metal clad substrate PCBs
And from prototype through production.

The following is a list of the services and products 

We offer:
• Metal Core PCB
• Thermal PAD MCPCB
• Aluminum PCB
• Copper based PCB
Double sided Aluminum PCB

Other aluminum pcb your may interesting

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