SinkPad PCB

Custom sinkPad PCB , delivery in 10 days
Thermal conductivity up to 400 W/m.k

SinkPAD PCB is a special type of metal core PCB( MCPCB ),
The LED sink heat pad solder direct to the metal substrate,
Also,it is called Thermal pad MCPCB,direct thermal path mcpcb.

LEDs Chip Thermal Pads solder direct to the Aluminum or Copper substrate directly,
No dielectric between LEDs heat out pads and the Metal core.
Means,thermal resistance is 
very small and ,
Thermal conductivity could be 235 W/m.k to 400 

thermal pad mcpcb sinkpad mcpcb

There are 2 types metal substrate,
Aluminum core sinkpad PCB and copper core sinkpad PCB.

Aluminum core sinkpad PCB thermal conductivity could be 235 W/m.k,
Copper core sinkpad PCB thermal conductivity could be 400 W/m.k

Aluminum core sinkpad PCB stack up

Copper substrate sinkpad PCB stack up

copper substrate sinkpad pcb

Metal core PCB’s thermal conductivity only 1.0 W/m.k, maximum 12 W/m.k.

Sinkpad PCB thermal conductivity is much better than metal core PCB.

The SinkPad PCB provides fine heat transfer from the LED to the metal substrate,

We help LED Lighting designer make excellent and High power LED lighting

Advance of the SinkPAD MCPCB
sinkpad substrate pcb

Application of  Thermal Pad MCPCB

mcpcb application led grow lighting

LED grow lighting

Applications of Metal Core PCB

Automotive LED lighting

LED flash lighting

LED street lighting

LED stage lighting

Solution of led thermal management for customers

Which LEDs are suitable for SinkPad PCB?
Follow is the list, please inquiry for other.

cree led mcpcb

Custom SinkPad MCPCB follow your PCB design

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