Aluminum PCB

Andwin could provide aluminum PCB with excellent thermal conductivity.
Thermal conductivity from 1.0w to 12 W/m.k!

Aluminum PCB are widely be used in LED field,during the excellent thermal conductance.
Also,it is called aluminium PCB,aluminum core pcb and aluminum clad pcb

Whats is Aluminum PCB?

General Aluminum PCB have 3 parts

Circuit Layer (Copper Layer)

This is printed circuit copper foil layer,
From 1.0 oz up to 8 oz (35um-280um).
Min.Trace/space 5/5mil(0.127/0.127mm)

Dielectric Layer(Insulated Layer)

There are very good price and delivery time if the raw material
made in China and Taiwan, we also,have many customer who choose
Bergquist Thermal-Clad and Larid Tlam material,strict meet customer’s
Requirement to manufacture the ALPCB.

Substrate Layer(Metal layer)

There are 4 types Aluminum, 1001, 3001, 5052, 6063.
If no requirement of this from,we used 5052 for
High thermal conductivity (2.0 W/m.k or more) ,
AL1001,AL3001 for 1.0 w/m.k to 1.5 W/m.k

Aluminum PCB stack up

Aluminum substrate Benefit 

-Lower operating temperature
-Reduce PCB size
-Increase power density
-Extend the life of dies
High thermal conductivity ( 0.8 – 12 W/m.k )

Aluminum PCB products

Aluminum PCB

Aluminum PCB

Aluminum PCB

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